16th Annual Lincoln Day Dinner Special Guest Speaker: The Honorable Ruben Estrada

10984509_877912112253877_5679401124427512229_oRubén Estrada is President & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the start-up company Filmlinkup, Inc., an online platform that facilitates interaction throughout different phases of film. Filmlinkup appeals to the self-starters and new entrants in the industry by providing an online platform where members create portfolios, build their network, and connect with fans. The platform brings the fan research and talent pool that major industry. Filmlinkup’s initiative is in student film and the many higher education film programs that are located in the Tri-State area. As President & CMO of Filmlinkup, Rubén’s duties are product development, service offerings, marketing strategies and tactics, branding and advertising. He works alongside the CEO & CFO to determine target markets, manage marketing budgets, determine pricing, promotion, development, packaging and positioning of products and services.

Rubén was born and raised in East Harlem (El Barrio), New York. As a young man of Puerto Rican parents, and growing up during the Civil Rights era, he found himself absorbed with the need to be involved correcting the apparent inequities of his community. He began by studying his Puerto Rican culture, engaging the wisdom of his senior community leaders, and participating in community organizations. At the young age of 16, he was designated the New York State representative to the National Youth Organization United conference in Mason City, Iowa. At the age of 17, while still in High School, Rubén was sponsored to attend the summer school of Government and Politics/Teenage Republican School at Siena College in Albany, NY. Upon his return, Rubén established one of the first housing advocacy community programs in El Barrio; United Residence of Milbank Farley, located on 108th St Madison Avenue. Today, the Arturo Schomburg Plaza Housing Development, located on 110th Street & Fifth Avenue, stands as testimony to the original proposal submitted by his organization. In 1974, he was recognized as one of the national Hispanic leaders of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Crystal City, VA, where he served as a member and official with then R.N.C Chair President George Herbert Walker Bush.

For Giuliani’s Mayoral run, Rubén was able to develop relationships with new foreign arrivals and assisted in establishing GOP organizations within the Hellenic, Korean, Bangladesh, India, Colombian, Ecuadorian and Dominican communities. Rubén developed a reputation for creating and implementing effective strategic plans for corporate, public and governmental relations. He has been involved with public relations for a wide range of special events and is the former Commissioner of Human Rights for the Orange County Human Rights Commission.

Most recently he was appointed to the National Board of Directors of The Civil Rights Institute as an executive committee member. At this moment he is active as a Board Member for the SUNY Orange Community College Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Newburgh Boxing Club Non-Profit; Youth Program Education thru Boxing, Founder of the City of Middletown Chapter for Orange County Guardian Angels Inc, and as the BORINQUENEERS National Stamp Committee, 65th Infantry Honor Task Force, Inc. Co-Chairman.

As Director of “Victory 93’ Latino Campaign, Field operations – Giuliani for NYC Mayor”, Rubén Estrada developed, and was responsible for, Spanish language media and press conferences. He was also instrumental in developing relationships with community leaders which resulted in a strong Hispanic vote for Rudy Giuliani. Today Rubén Estrada is National Northeast Vice Chairman and NYS Chairman of the Latino National Republican Coalition.

Both the New York State Assembly and Senate, in the form of a Legislative Resolution, have recognized Rubén Estrada by officially commemorating his contributions to the Hispanic community. Both legislative bodies have recognized him for his contributions to the enhancement of his community and for being in the forefront of developing and working for legislative approaches to combat the social and economic ills which have created barriers for Hispanics and other minorities in New York State. He is a true renaissance man who currently resides in Orange County, NY with his loving wife Rosita.

Rubén Estrada will be the Featured Guest Speaker at the Town of Poughkeepsie Lincoln Day Dinner on Thursday, February 25, 2016. To view the full event invitation, please click here.