Meet Sue Serino – Our Next State Senator

Dear Friend,

NYS Senate Candidate Sue Serino

Sue Serino, Candidate for NYS State Senate (41st District)

My name is Sue Serino and I am a candidate for the New York State Senate’s 41st district seat. I am running for State Senate because I believe we need real leaders who are willing to go to Albany and stand up for the values of everyone who lives in the Hudson Valley. As a local elected official, I have stood up to leaders in both political parties to fight for fiscal responsibility and accountability in government. In the State Senate, I will continue working to protect taxpayers in Dutchess and Putnam counties and fight for middle-class families. As the owner of a local real estate business, I witness first-hand the effects that high property taxes have on the dream of homeownership. Families struggle to pay for their groceries and mortgages, while seniors living on fixed incomes find it difficult to afford the homes they own. As a Mother, I want my son to live in the community in which he was raised. But, odds are against him. In the past decade, nearly 2 million people moved out of New York for more affordable opportunities elsewhere. High taxes and lack of job opportunities are driving businesses and residents away. We need to cut state spending and lower our tax rates so that future generations have a reason to stay here.


As a Dutchess County Legislator, I voted NO on the county energy sales tax and successfully fought for repeal of the tax. Taxes are too high. Property taxes, income taxes, all of the fees; they’re crushing New Yorkers. Seniors can’t afford to stay in their homes. Our young families can’t find jobs or afford to buy homes. Middle-class families are struggling to keep up with Albany’s taxes. While the 2% cap was a step in the right direction we need property taxes to come down significantly – not just have the rate of increase slowed.


We need to get government spending under control. When the real estate industry was hit hard with the economic downturn, like so many small businesses owners, I was forced to do more with less. That’s a lesson Albany politicians need to hear. Albany politicians are insulated from the economic challenges you and I face every day. I won’t lose track of that when I get to Albany.

Job Creation

As a small business owner, I’ve seen how government can heap unnecessary regulations onto businesses. The regulations are often job killers. On top of that, taxes weigh down every small business in New York. It’s hard to keep up with Albany’s appetite for our tax dollars. The result — New York is regularly ranked dead last for economic climate, business-friendly policies and taxes. Jobs steadily flow out of state to Texas or Florida or anywhere but here. New York can’t afford to lose any more jobs.

Second Amendment

I fully support the Second Amendment and, in the County Legislature, I sponsored legislation opposing the SAFE Act. Our personal freedoms are under assault from big government in Washington and Albany. I won’t compromise on our constitutional rights.

Common Core

Parents, teachers and children are telling our leaders that Common Core doesn’t work. It’s time we listen. Common Core has been a mistake and we need a change of course. Clearly, the rushed implementation of Common Core needs to be remedied and our children’s private personal records need to be kept private before further damage is done.

Defending Taxpayers

Liberal politicians from New York City are pushing for new state programs to provide taxpayer money to give free college tuition to illegal aliens and free college education to prisoners. I believe we must safeguard taxpayers’ money and invest it in the things we really need, like safer streets, better public schools and job creation. As a member of the State Senate, I will stand up against the liberal New York City politicians and stop them from spending taxpayer money on the DREAM Act and free college education for convicts.

We work hard our whole lives for the things we have: our homes, our businesses and our communities. When government stops working for us, we can’t just throw in the towel and allow politicians to destroy what we have built. People have made it clear that they want an independent voice in our State Capitol. I am that voice. I am willing to take on the Albany establishment and send the message that enough is enough!

The incumbent, Terry Gipson, too often votes with his New York City Democratic colleagues and is out of step with hardworking taxpayers. We need a fresh start. I believe I can represent the values of Hudson Valley families better than any of the other candidates for this office, including Mr. Gipson. I have consistently stood up for taxpayers and I always will.


Sue Serino