Opponent Demands for Giancarlo to apologize to Women

Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias has a history of calling women a
“Dumb A** Son of a B*****”

Poughkeepsie, October 4…For the second time this week, Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias’ (Town of Poughkeepsie) is under fire for inappropriate posts on social media. This is nothing new. He has a record of posting completely vulgar, offensive and disrespectful language about women.

In a Facebook posts, Llaverias:

  • Promoted a quote from his friend that rape is only “surprise sex.”
  • Discusses a woman’s proficieny at performing oral sex claiming that not every “girl” can satisfy him.
  • Started a debate over whether or not woman approve of being called a “bit**”, stating that he thought it was okay in certain circumstances.
  • Speaks about having sex with someone’s girlfriend while they watch (the phrasing suggests all parties did not consent).
  • Calls a woman a “whore.”
  • Tells a person to “suck his [testicales].”

On Wednesday, it was reported by the Hudson Valley News that Llaverias “would like to kill [the] President.” His remarks were met with wide-spread criticism and some local residents notified the United States Secret Service of Llaverias’ possible intentions. Now, Llaverias is facing new criticism for sexually explicit and demeaning comments towards women.

What is even more disturbing is as a county legislator he has not complied with State law requiring all elected officials to complete a Harassment and Discrimination Training. What demons is he hiding?

“I am absolutely sickened by these comments,” said his opponent Margaret Kakish. “As a women, grandmother and as a mother, I am deeply offended that he thinks it is okay to use this type of language about women. He is continuously proving that he is unfit for office. These aren’t one time comments- it is a pattern of disrespect and inappropriate behavior. October is domestic violence awareness month rather than shaming women we should be helping and assisting women not silencing them with disrespectful actions.”