Supervisor Todd Tancredi: April 2014 Newsletter

Greetings Town Residents,

After a long snowy winter it is a relief to be writing my SPRING newsletter! I have had a number of residents tell me that this has been an “old fashioned” winter. Needless to say, this winter presented the Town with a few challenges as I am sure it did for many of you. My thanks to the Highway Department for doing a great job of keeping the roads clear and to our residents for their patience during the difficult weather. A severe winter required the Town to use twice as much de-icing material as we typically use and certainly put a strain on our equipment, manpower and budget. Thankfully with rising temperatures and the arrival of Spring the Town will become a bustle of outdoor activities! The finishing touches are being made to our summer camp program which will be held at Greenvale Park. Again we will offer both morning and afternoon extended hours to better accommodate working families. Our Senior Center is growing in popularity allowing for a greater variety of programs and scheduling. More information can be found at

Moody’s Investors Service has recently reviewed the Town financial position. I am happy to report the Town received a Bond Rating of A1 (Upper Medium Grade). As always, the Town’s financial stability and growth remain a priority in my service to our residents and community.

-Todd Tancredi